ChatGPT Versus Bard: Which AI Chatbot Is for You?

Customer Service Chatbot for Your Business Growth AI chatbots provide a consistent persona from your brand, and can a huge range of subject matter – delivering high quality, accurate answers and solutions time after time. At Eptica we use semantic technology to understand the context of digital customer requests. This is vital if bots and […]

Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots in E-Commerce

AI Chatbots Customer Support Software This will contribute to making the response times much quicker, and a much more agile user experience. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, chatbots don’t have a work schedule, and are available during any time of day to help, manage things and solve questions posed by your customers. Albeit they may […]

8 Proven Ways to Use Chatbots for Conversational Marketing

Marketing techniques are changing, and chatbots are taking over quickly. A chatbot is a software application that online businesses use for chat conversations. The process is an automated communication with a conversational AI to ensure a personalized customer experience (CX). What is an example of an AI chatbot? Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are all […]

New Spate Of Generative AI Platforms Makes Technology More Accessible To Marketers

Generative AI: What Is It, Tools, Models, Applications and Use Cases Acting as Interim CEO and Executive Chairman, Jason Kurtz’s career spans more than 30 years. In that time, he has worked for the likes of Accel-KKR Consulting Group; Ariba, Inc; SAP; Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting; and ESPN. Currently, Kurtz serves on the Board of […]